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2010-2014 SarFTI NRNU MEPhI

18.11.2013. The Laboratory and Sarov Magnetic Technologies, LLC started joint R&D work on construction of inverse magnetic-pulsed technology. The technology allows, in particular, removing defects of vehicles bodies. The works are carried out in the frameworks of the Project supported by The Foundation for the Assistance of Small Innovation Enterprises (FASIE).


05.11.2013. Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism MISM-2014! Symposium will be held in Moscow, Russia from 29 June to 3 July 2014. Please visit the web site at https://mism.magn.ru for more information.


01.11.2013. Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Let us invite you and your colleagues to take part in XVIII Symposium Nanophysics & Nanoelectronics. Symposium will be held in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia from 10 to 14 March 2014. Please visit the web site for more information.


06.04.2012. The design of pulsed high-field solenoids has been modified. A magnetic field above 40 T (the bore diameter is 19 mm, the operating temperature is 77 K) has been generated using SSMF-55-19-4 solenoid of the new design. We are planning to increase the peak magnetic field up to 50 T in the next generation of magnets.


20.03.2012. The International Conference XIV Khariton's Topical Scientific Readings "High- Power Pulsed Electrophysics" has been held in Sarov on March 12-16, 2012. The reports "Facility for pulsed magnetic field generation up to 50 T" and "Phonon spectra and aluminum phase diagram at high pressures" have been presented.


01.02.2012. We congratulate our colleagues with extraordinary achievements in high magnetic fields generation:

Drezden Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields 94.2 T

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) 100.75 T


03.11.2011. Wire solenoid SSMF-55-19-3 has been powered for maximum field of  38 T (the bore diameter is 19 mm, the operating temperature is 77 K).


31.05.2011. Wire solenoid SSMF-55-19-1 has been set in operation in a mode with 30 T peak magnetic field. The bore diameter is 19 mm and the operation temperature is 77 K. Increase of the peak magnetic field up to 55 T is planned.



This is the 1st Call-for-Paper to cordially invite you to participate in the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM-2011) to be held on 21-25 August, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. The first announcement is  available at http://mism.magn.ru. The submission deadline of one-page abstract is 15 April, 2011.


15.11.2010.   Symposium "Nanophysics and nanoelectronics" will be held in March 14-18, 2011 at Avtomobilist resort, located in 40 km from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (http://nanosymp.ru/)


25.10.2010.   At the end of January 2011 National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) will host Scientific Session NRNU MEPhI-2011. Topical sessions, scientific and technical conferences, exhibitions and workshops will be held in the frameworks of the Session. Guidelines for the materials publication are the same (see Scientific Session of NRNU MEPhI-2010 at www.mephi.ru)


18.10.2010.      The High Magnetic Field Laboratory (LNCMI - Grenoble), High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML - Nijmegen), the Hochfeld-Magnetlabor (HLD - Dresden) and the pulsed field laboratory (LNCMI - Toulouse) provide access to the highest continuous and pulsed fields in Europe in the context of the FP7 Infrastrucuture Initiative EuroMagNET II. Users may submit proposals for access to any of these installations by a single procedure. The on-line form for these proposals can be found on the EuroMagNET website (www.euromagnet.org call for proposals) or at the websites of each of the installations. The deadline for proposals for magnet time is November 15, 2010.


15.10.2010.      "3d Workshop on ab initio phonon calculations" will take place in Cracow in 2-4 December 2010.


14.10.2010.      4-th Russian conference of young scientists "Micro- and nanotechnology and their applications"  will take place in Chernogolovka in 22-24 November 2010.


Russian Magnetic Society

National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory, USA

National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory (Toulouse, France)

Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory

High Field Magnet Laboratory, Radboud University Nijmegen

International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures in Wroc aw (Poland)

International MegaGauss Science Laboratory at the Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo

High Magnetic Field Laboratory of China Academy of Sciences

International Conference Megagauss

Euromagnet Program