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2010-2014 SarFTI NRNU MEPhI

Electrophysical Technologies Commercialization



Limited liability company

Sarov magnetic technology



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About company:


The small enterprise was created in 2010. Experts with a great experience in pulsed high and ultrahigh magnetic field technologies form the scientific team. Operations of the company are closely related to activities of the High magnetic field laboratory SarFTI NRNU MEPhI.


Products and activities:


-Manufacture of pulsed high magnetic field solenoids up to 60 T for scientific researches and technological applications

- Spiral (beryllium bronze), wire (microcomposite Cu-Nb wire) and single-turn coils

- Developments of pulsed electromagnetic forming techniques

- Measuring techniques for pulsed high magnetic fields

- Design and manufacture equipment for pulsed high magnetic field facilities (solenoids, power sources, switches, control systems)

- Pulsed high magnetic field and pulsed power engineering and consulting

Inverse frequency magnetic-pulsed technology


Magnetic-pulsed technology of materials processing (punching and welding) is based on effect of ponderomotive forces on a conducting blank in pulsed magnetic field (I.V.Beliy, S.M.Fertik, L.T.Khimenko Reference book on magnetic-pulsed processing, Kharkov, Vischa Shkola, 1977).

At the expense of high-speed deformation, it is possible to create forms of punched items, which can not be done by means of ordinary mechanical pressing and punching. Magnetic welding allows reliably connecting manifold materials like copper-aluminum, steel-aluminum. These could not be done using usual welding methods.


Inverse magnetic-pulsed technology


This is complicated variant of magnetic-pulsed technology. Firstly, a pulse of slow initial magnetic field is created in the area of metal sheet (pulse length should be sufficient for the magnetic field penetration through the sheet). Afterwards, a short pulse of the secondary magnetic field of inverse direction is created (the pulse is short enough, and the magnetic field can not penetrate through the metal sheet). The ponderomotive force, appeared in these conditions, attracts the sheet to the magnetic field source. This technology has commercial application in the USA. It is used for unbending deformed aluminum elements of aircrafts.


Frequency inverse magnetic-pulsed technology


In the Invention Application 2013108334 in Russian Federation  we suggest using the series of secondary magnetic field pulses instead of a single pulse. Technical result lies in decreasing voltage amplitude, which appears at secondary current flow through the electromagnetic system. This allows fabricating a working head of the device in a more compact and reliable way. Besides, voltage amplitude decrease allows creating the device and method for unbending and removing defects of low-conducting materials, like steel sheets of vehicles bodies.


This technology is being developed by SarMT, LLC jointly with SarFTI NRNU MIPhI in the frameworks of the The Foundation for the Assistance of Small Innovation Enterprises (FASIE).


Goal of the project is demonstration of possibilities of new type of magnetic-pulsed technology.